2018 Berlin Klassik Winners List

This event strides to set itself apart from any other show in the area by providing unique trophy classes to all Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and European vehicles. A whopping 130 trophies in total this year with a custom look for each award!

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Specialty Awards Specialty Awards
Top Dawg (Best of Show) / George Dalmakis Old & Dilapidated / Adam Adamink

Hottest Engine / Ron Vizelmen Engineered Achievement / Jason Bos

Hottest Interior / Phillipe Sauaro Hottest Roof Rack Setup / Ted Kalman

Hottest Exterior / Shane Shultz  

Hottest Wheels / Shane Shultz Most HP (Dyno Required) John Romano – BMW 335i (668.5 WHP)

Hottest Trunk / Jason Bos Show Support / Adrian Grant

Oddballish / Tanner Harris Stance Battle / Mark Matos

Burnout / Sam Lilev
Limbo / Imry


Euro Exotic / Specialty Vehicle
1st Baltazar
  2nd Ruben Correia

SUV / Crossover (ML, GL, Q7, Q5, Cayenne, Macans, X Series, Touareg, Tiguan, Iltis, XC90, XC 60 etc.
1st Sam Saleh
  2nd Matt Malczuk A182

MISC European Vehicle 1st George Deerine
  2nd Mike Martik A091



Volkswagen (Water-Cooled)   Winner REG#
MkI Golf / Jetta
1st Phillippe Deslandes
  2nd Alex Gibson A095

MkII Golf / Jetta
1st Shane Shultz A101
  2nd Cameron Howe A077

MkIII Golf / Jetta 1st Martino Gagliardi
  2nd Philippe Savard

MkIV Golf / Jetta MILD BUILD 1st Ryan Rouse
  2nd Chris Beveredge A440

MkIV Golf / Jetta WILD KUSTOM 1st Jason Bos A604
  2nd Louis Philippe K314

MkV Golf / Jetta MILD BUILD 1st Cody McEwan A038
  2nd Greg Jordan A591

MkV Golf / Jetta WILD KUSTOM 1st Mark Matos A034
  2nd George Tilimadt A512

MkVI Golf / Jetta MILD BUILD 1st Jeff Hagen A473
  2nd Eric Dantes A620

MkVI Golf / Jetta WILD KUSTOM 1st JP Frietas A248
  2nd Brent Wilkinson A028

MkVII Golf / Jetta MILD BUILD 1st Long Chan A628
  2nd Paul Bishop A058

MkVII Golf / Jetta WILD KUSTOM 1st Romel Reyes A504

Corrado 1st Luis Martin A578
  2nd Simone Luposella A587

Scirocco 1st Raphael Fournier A177
  2nd Daniel Delic A547

Fox / Dasher / Passat 1st Jessica Mata A192
  2nd Cody Fidum A573

New Beetle 1st Randy Marco K726

Vanagon / Eurovan / Transporter / Routan 1st Tanner Pickette A469
  2nd Glen Woolner A032


Volkswagen (Air-Cooled)   Winner REG#
‘38-’67 Volkswagen Beetle 1st Gary Watts A550
  2nd Jamie Trett A509

‘68-’79 Volkswagen Beetle 1st Danny L. A184
  2nd Steve A425

68-’79 Vokswagen Bus 1st Kyle Bromley A480
  2nd Frank Laszlo A514



Audi   Winner REG#
Audi B1-B4 / C1-C4 – 80, 90, 100, 200, 4000 1st Andy Bilik
  2nd Brendan Speer A639

Audi -TT / R8 1st Joshua Vujovic
  2nd Kevin Tay A304

Audi A3 1st Josh Totzke A025
  2nd Jon Lynch A686

Audi A5 / S5 / RS5 1st Bailey
  2nd Husam Aripan A010

Audi C6/C7 – A6 / S6 / A7 1st Gajan W.
  2nd Brett L. A382

Audi B5 – A4/S4 1st Joel Earp A284
  2nd Travis Howard A214

Audi B6 – A4/S4 1st Elton Lo A035
  2nd Joel Ramachandran A093

Audi B7 – A4/S4 1st Kevin Lopez
  2nd Amanda Borba

Audi B8 – A4/S4 1st Vasily Mishukov
  2nd Eric Sass A415



Porsche   Winner REG#
Porsche Vintage 356, 550, 912, 914 1st Joe Bar

Porsche FR / 924, 944, 928, 968, Panamera, Cayenne 1st Scott Tracey
924, 944, 928, 968, Panamera, Cayenne 2nd Sebastian Peres A586

Porsche Water / 911, Boxster, Cayman 1st Peter A594
  2nd Adrian Tonini

Porsche Air / 911, 930, 964, Carrera 1st Gary Turner
  2nd Randy Letkeman B059



BMW   Winner REG#
Classic BMW’s 1800 / 2000 / 3200 / 1600 / 2002 / 2500 / 3.0 / E12 / E21 / E26 etc. 1st Eddie Ribeiro A451
  2nd Sav Hunjan A009

Modern BMW’s i,1,2,6,7 and 8 Series 1st Adrian Lupa
  2nd Brendan Carmody A098

BMW 3 Series – 91 and older 1st Paul David A051
  2nd Alan Saaedra A536

BMW 3 Series – 92 to 1998 1st Faisal A
  2nd Chase Farhat

BMW 3 Series – 1999 to 2006 1st Alex Tzani
  2nd Csaba Bataity A443

BMW 3/4 Series – 2008 and up 1st Praneel Thakorial
  2nd John Ramano A640

BMW M3 – 2001 to 2006 1st Jason Alieda A565
  2nd Peter Csurkay A072

BMW M3/M4 – 2008 and up 1st Kaizer Pawawalla A502
  2nd Vittorio Roumeliotis A109

5 Series – 88 and older 1st Ted Kalman A227

5 Series – 89 to 2004 1st Igor Kost A530
  2nd Mikhal Rachalovskiy A493

5 Series – 2005 and up 1st Daltony Sequeira A642
  2nd Ricazdo Vu A579

BMW Mini 1st Mack Millar A082
  2nd Caterina Maestranzi



Mercedes Benz
  Winner REG#
Mercedes Benz Vintage Pre ’79 1st Denis K A299

Mercedes Benz Late Model (’80 to 1999) 1st Vladimir Kour A413
  2nd Gary

Mercedes Benz C-Class 2000 and up
1st Brian Costa
  2nd Nelson A539

Mercedes Benz Modern E, S, SL, CLK, CL, CLS (2000 and up)
1st Samiel Poirier
  2nd Samiel Poirier A269

Mercedes Benz WILD KUSTOM 1st Michiel
  2nd Keith Foo



Volvo   Winner REG#
Volvo Classic 1st Tommy Tremblay
  2nd Grant Fraser A039

Volvo Modern 1st Dwaine Thomas
  2nd Jeff Bell A023